Yet Another System Information Script

What is Yasis?
Yasis is a Perl script which queries the proc filesystem and a few binaries to produce a nicely formatted set of html tables presenting your system's vital information. Information about the current running kernel, the number of users, uptime, load average, hardware, memory, and filesystems are presented. This project is a port of phpSysInfo which was done using PHP. Only small modifications have been made to the design layout in Yasis. Note:  Newer versions of phpSysInfo (1.5) have changed layout. As I'm partial to the old style (1.1), I won't be making any changes to Yasis in that regard.

To run Yasis, you will need a Linux machine running a webserver (like Apache) and Perl. Yasis also requires some binaries which are standard on most Linux distributions (who, wc, and df). Yasis also uses Socket and Sys::Hostname, which should be standard in Perl.

Yasis running on Sourceforge.
Email me to add a link to your system here!

The current version of Yasis is 0.8.

This project is my way of teaching myself Perl. There are bound to be bugs and problems with Yasis. If you encounter a bug, please visit the project page for Yasis, and submit a bug or post a question in the forums.

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